Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

I've seen better plot concepts randomly float together in a bowl of Alphabits

Wow today was pretty exciting... things are getting back on track at work so that will be good. After work I called my dad to grab see if he was cooking anything good for that I could grab a bite of. I had to get a quick haircut tonight as well. Tonight was picture night for my brother and I. My mom's birthday is Sept. 2nd so we (I) figured we'd get our pictures taken for her birthday.

We got two shots. On of use in wild Hawaiian shirts and another in our suits and ties. I'd say they turned out pretty badass (we got to see them on the computer), I was pleased. I guess they won't be developed and ready until Sept 6th, which sucks. Hopefully they'll be done early.

Funny story about the pictures... I get all the way there and realize that I didn't bring a shirt or a tie to go with my suit/slacks. I asked if they had any "loaners" or something I could use for one picture. No luck... So I had to wander out into the clothing section to find a quick and cheap shirt and tie. I ended up finding an off white dress shirt and a tie for $20. Sorta sucks that I had to buy a shirt and tie for that one event. I mentioned that and the photographer said, "you can always just go take them back." She's recommending that I take a shirt I wore for 10 minutes back to her own store! I just may do that, we'll see.
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