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Scott Francis Baker

August 14th, 2002

That could send the signal to the plane to open all the windows and release poisonous spiders @ 10:46 pm

angz came over after work with a present for me... for no reason she got me a present how cool is that? She got me this really cool digital thermometer. It's a lot like the one dfrey has. It has a remote sensor that operates via wireless so I can get the temp outside and inside. It has a built in clock that automatically syncs to the atomic time source as well as a barometer. It's really bad ass! She's such a cool girlfriend.

Also of note is the fact that Ben "I never leave my room" Mabbott has officially left the state. He's gone off to a four day long lan party. So the house should be pretty quiet while he's gone. That should be nice, at least for a while. Maybe more permanently if he takes the gig his dad found for him.
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Scott Francis Baker