Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

That could send the signal to the plane to open all the windows and release poisonous spiders

angz came over after work with a present for me... for no reason she got me a present how cool is that? She got me this really cool digital thermometer. It's a lot like the one dfrey has. It has a remote sensor that operates via wireless so I can get the temp outside and inside. It has a built in clock that automatically syncs to the atomic time source as well as a barometer. It's really bad ass! She's such a cool girlfriend.

Also of note is the fact that Ben "I never leave my room" Mabbott has officially left the state. He's gone off to a four day long lan party. So the house should be pretty quiet while he's gone. That should be nice, at least for a while. Maybe more permanently if he takes the gig his dad found for him.
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