Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

The main job of a doctor is to look Mother Nature in the eye and spit in her face

So I just got done writing an LJ reply and I realized something. I've been under the impression that contractions were shortened ways of writing longer phrases... Can't = can not, wasn't = was not, etc. Well consider the following example: "Isn't drinking draino bad for you?" Which would translate to, "In not drinking draino bad for you." Which I guess is functionally correct just not gramatically. Just an observation.

I had something interesting to post 10 minutes ago but I lost it. Burned some more Futurama to VCD, watched part of Swimming with the Sharks, cleaned up a bit, and then Angie came over. This whole writing a "todo" list thing is really working out pretty well for me. The more little things I write down the more I get done. Without the list it's like I don't acknowledge that things really need to get done. As soon as they're on paper there is no more ignoring them.
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