Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

1% of American workers take naps on the crapper during company time

So I just got home from hanging out with Angie and buying a sleeping bag for my camping trip this weekend. Just so people will stop asking me, I do not know where we are going. I left it all up to themabbi and camping trip related questions should be directed to him.

So I'm having a quick bite to eat before I got to bed and I'm looking around my house and I came a new conclusion. The conclusion is that I'm getting really tired of having people over to my house. It's wearing down on me, my house, and my walltet. Someone comes over after work for a beer and leaves beer cans all over. Take the 3 fucking seconds to find my recycle bin and put the can there. If you eat a meal at my house and you spill food on the table, clean it up! Either Ben or I spent the time preparing a meal for you, clean you own fucking mess up. Spill some beer on the carpet, go find the carpet cleaner and clean it up. It's too easy just to think "It's not my carpet, I don't have to see it," and leave it. Hey while you're at it why don't you clean up the mess that I made while cooking your meal and help me out a bit instead of worrying about yourself.

Not to mention the drain financially constantly feeding everyone that comes through, or the alcohol that we're always buying. That's stuff not cheap. Bag of chips $3, bottle of booze $20, waffles $2... it all adds up. I'm not your mother. I do not have to feed you or clean up after you. Take care of yourselves! Provide for yourselves. Try and be a good guest and look beyond where you next beer is going to come from.

The only person I've ever seen clean anything around my house after a party (besides Ben and myself) was Jennifer. She cleaned up most of the mess you savages left. The moral of the story is to take care of your own stuff. Clean up after yourself, be polite, thank your host, and be thankful someone took the time and effort to make you happy.
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