Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Cockatiel can't take a punch

Wow, this weekend was crazy. The jeep rally was great, I took some great pictures. Took my GPS up there with me to get some info from all the trails we went through. Between my GPS and my digital camera I went through ten double a's!

Friday afternoon Angie and I started driving to the location of the rally, which was some ladies field out past banks. This lady has a ranch and a gigantic field that the Jolly Jeepers "borrow" from her in return they do her some favors around her ranch. Two years ago they built his this gigantic tree house suspended by high tension wire from four trees. This year they built her a $1000 teepee.

Day one all we did was set things up, get ready for the next day, and watch lots and lots of people arrive.

Day two was when the fun started. We went out on a trail run for most of the day (8 hours). This consists of leaving camp, driving to the trail head, deflating your tires (for traction) and getting on the trail. For the next 8 hours you basically drive around in the forest finding all kinds of crazy and destructive stuff to drive over, up, around, or through. Of course it doesn't always work that easily. Especially when you're dealing with a one ton piece of machinery and mother nature. Sometimes you break something serious, you get stuck, or even roll your jeep over.

Overall the breakage rate this year was down a lot lower that last year. I was a little dissapointed. Regardless of what you break, it's easily repaired by any of the guys there. It's a jeep geek festival. Broken fuel pump, cracked axle, bad starter motor, lose all of your oil,or even bent fenders are all fixed easily so you can be back on the trail the next day. Simple body work usally gets neglected as long as your rig still drives. After all that driving you're pretty hungry and tired. So they cook a gigantic hamburger dinner for everyone. Afterwards there is a prize give away and the local forestry guy shows up to explain what new trails are coming.

The next day you do the same thing all over again! Lots of fun!

Check out the rest of the pictures I took here. I made lots of funny comments, you should read them all!
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