Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Canada will be the only G-7 nation to have a budget surplus. Hockey sticks for everyone.

Today was pretty cool after all. Got up this morning with nothing to do all day. Hung out for a while and decided to walk down and see the Canby parade, just to see what all the fuss was about. It was pretty silly, but totally worth it when we got to see Mike dressed up in red and blue spandex looking like a super hero. I was pissed my camera was out of batteries, it was definitely a kodak moment.

After that Ben and I decided we had nothing going on so we threw a little impromptu bbq. Isaac, Jared, Ryan, Ben and Myself had a little BBQ. Only after Ben and I decided to go to Frys to get a multitap for the PS2 and a soccer game. Ben got Lego Soccer Mania and it's pretty fun. Especially four player. That whole lego game theme is just gold. Seeing a lego person do anything is just great.

After that we watched most of Independance Day and then went and saw Men in Black 2. It was a pretty decent movie. Mostly silly, but lots of fun. I enjoyed it. Plus Lara Flynn Boyle is hot as an underwear model.

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