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Scott Francis Baker

July 3rd, 2002

Avoid completely any theater showing Star Wars 2: Electric Boogaloo. @ 05:36 pm

So yesterday I paid all my bills. Meaning I wrote all the checks, prepared all the paperwork, update my bill spreadsheet, and sealed all the envelopes. I have 4 bills per month, and they all go to companies inside of Canby. Well naturally all these businesses have PO boxes. I know where all the PO boxes are, they're six blocks away from my house at the post office.

So I'm thinking... I could pay $.37 x 4 for stamps and just put them in the mailbox but that seems pretty silly. I would essentially be paying the post office to walk 30 feet inside the building and put them in the appropriate PO box. So I go down there to see if I can't put my bills in the appropriate PO boxes (through a little slot or something) myself, and thus save the money. No go.

So today in the morning we decided to go to Thriftway and get donuts. As we're walking out of Thriftway there are about 8 wooden mailbox things with all the appropriate service (water, gas, electricity, phone, cable, etc) companies labeled. They have a little one stop bill drop off. It's all community run, so it's free. One of the nice aspects of living in a small community. That's almost reason enough right there to shop there.
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Scott Francis Baker