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Scott Francis Baker

June 27th, 2002

"Grunge is what happens when children of divorce get their hands on guitars" --Newsweek @ 11:05 pm

So today at work I was playing with procmail. I'm on the Netsaint mailing list and I'm tired of getting the email. I might need it later, so rather than unsubscribe I setup the following procmail rule.

* ^Subject:.*[netsaint]

Nothing wrong with that... or so I thought until I stopped getting email. Then I realized that you have to escape those [ ]... So basically any email that came in with one of the letters: n,e,t,s,a,i,n in the subject was getting deleted. That's damn near everything :) Oooops
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Date:June 27th, 2002 11:28 pm (UTC)


check the receiving log for one of those emails. Instead of searching the subject, just grab everything that comes from the mailing list. that's much easier and it doesn't grab anything it shouldn't grab. :)

Scott Francis Baker