Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

I come before you with the girth of a flatulent cherub

I didn't get much of anything I had planned done tonight. Pretty wild... Since today was pretty shitty at work it was nice to just just not follow any sort of plan. Of course it would have been nice to just sit at home on my ass and do nothing to.

There is one thing I've determined over the past month or two of my life. That is that there are a million different kind of people out there, no two are exactly the same. There are so many people so different than myself that it makes me question the person that I am. Maybe they're not different... maybe I am. It really boggles my mind how completely different people can really be.

Different values, different beliefs, different life goals. I think the change is refreshing. I'm afraid my life was getting a little too stale. It's easy to only see the things you want to see, to see the things that make you life easier. I think that's the drive... simplicity. I think to truly understand yourself, you have to understand how other people work.
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