Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker


Today after work I watched Platoon, it was decent. Nothing special really. One of my many Netflix movies. I haven't seen a lot of war movies but I'd have to say Full Metal Jacket or Patton have to be my favorite.

After that I decided to go for a little bike ride around Canby. I had to take Platoon to the post office so it can get returned. After that I decided to just bike around Canby and see what I could see. I didn't bike that much, maybe a half an hour. It was good and I needed the exercise.

I did get to use my car/bike pump today. It plugs into your cigarette lighter and then you can use it to pump up your tires. Well my bike tire was a little low so I plugged that baby in and pumped it up. Certainly easier than actually pumping it by hand. 42 PSI later I was ready to go riding. Now I just need to adjust the gears because it doesn't shift 100% right.

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