Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Andrew: dude i have new kids on the block mp3's

Today was one of the best days I've had in a while... Got to work and programmed most of the morning. Working ahead on this database project that we're working on, and it's coming along pretty well. Took an extended lunch and went to Fry's to get some computer parts to rebuild my dad's computer. Spent more of the afternoon programming and then I took an extended break and went to Jarboe's to have a drink (non-alcoholic) with Mike and Lynn. Very cool!

Came home and went shopping with Ben. Bastard wanted to go back to Fry's! So we went out there and then to Freddies. Spent $98.54 on assorted house things. I got a hose so I can water my side yard, a BBQ cover, a cooler (for beer!), and some other assorted items. Very boring, but cool at the same time.

Now I think I'm gonna go watch the second half of Mumford. I'm in this watch-a-half-of-a-movie at night. Usually start a movie and then it gets late so I go to bed. I watched half last night, so I think I'll go watch the other half tonight.

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