Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Without Nazis, Germany has absolutely no export that might possibly be of interest to anyone

I really hope the humidity that's been around the last couple days goes away. I woke up last night at 4am because it was just sort of hot and sticky. I thought I was the only one it was bugging, but I talked to several people and I found out I wasn't. I don't remember the humidity ever really bothering me so much, especially considering it hasn't been exceptionally hot. Odd.

Bought some Weed B Gone crap for my yard the other day, along with a sprayer. I have a lot of clover in my yard so I picked that up to hopefully get rid of it. Dave came over after work to pick up a PS2 game so we talked while I sprayed all my clover. Hopefully it will start to die out pretty soon.

Argh I'm all sleepy cuz I didn't sleep well last night. I'll have to go to bed early tonight.
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