Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

How would you like some piccolo underpants?

Wow the last two days have been pretty darn crazy. Yesterday we had a minor bbq which sort of evolved into a drunken movie night. It was a good time. Got to test out the new BBQ that I bought the other day. There is nothing finer than a propane bbq. *grunts repeatedly*

Before the BBQ I hit Freddies to pick up some essentials, as well as get a ladder so that I could get onto my roof and clean the crap outta the gutters. Well it was a big ladder so I had to hang it out my back window while I drove home. Well I sort of forgot that it was hanging out my back window when I tried to park my car in the garage. Hillarity ensues :)

Isaac took some pictures of the sacred event for us, I posted them here. Ignore the pictures of Ben laying on my ass. I was drunk!

Today I slept in until noon... Isaac stayed here so when we all got up Ben made some mighty fine waffles and sausage. Later in the afternoon Scott Stevenson came over with his Game Cube and we played with Monkey Balls all day long. Quite a weekend.

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