Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Do you think a 50ft tall gold statue of me holding a dsl router is too much to hope for?

Just got back from seeing Spider-Man with Jared, Ryan and Ben. Ben got home 5 minutes before I was leaving having just seen Spider-Man. When he heard I was going he hopped in my car and went with me to see it a second time.

We got there early, got tickets and went to Fry's. The lady told us to be back a half an hour before the show. We were, and we stood in line for a long damn time. Once we're finally sitting in the theater they have ushers getting everyone to "squeeze together" since it was full. Finally the lights go out and they show 15 minutes of previews... Just as the movie is starting all the lights come on.

We're thinking the film broke and everyone starts to boo. The manager walks in and tell everyone that someone showed up drunk and puked in one of the seats so they had to clean it up. They bring in some 14 year old with a mop to clean it up. The manager walks up to where they were sitting and picks up at least 6 full Corona bottles that they left behind. I'm sure the guy puked and then just left. It was pretty damn hilarious.

After that the movie started. It was a really good movie, I highly recommend it. And Kirsten Dunst is incredibly hot in it.

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