Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

"Dude my computer has an insatiable urge for cock" -Ben

Just got done mowing my lawn for the first time today! Woohoo! Finally went to Freddies to get a gas can so I could get gas for the lawn mower. Ended up getting super unleaded because that's what I was putting in my car. So now my mower should purr like a kitten. It definitely needed it today!

So I mow the first 12 feet of my lawn and the lawn mower dies... just putters out. "That's weird," I think. So I start it back up and go another 6 feet and it dies again. I look down and I see moss, no grass just moss. Whatever dipstick designs the lawn mowers ships them from the factory with the blade in the lowest possible possition. So the mower was damn near chewing up the dirt! I raised it up two notches an mowed the rest of the lawn. I did still kill the mower a couple times just because the grass was so long. 7 weeks of no mowing does that to grass :)
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