Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Cookie Crisp is hard to find in the bay area

Went to Freddie's at lunch today too look at outdoor table sets per a recommendation of davidfrey. They had a really nice redwood table and 6 chairs for $550. Probably a little more than I want to spend. They did have another set, glass top and 4 chairs for $350. I grabbed the brochure on it, I'll probably go back later and get it. Next week or this weekend. It'll be really nice when I have a BBQ and a nice outdoor set. That'll rock this summer!

While we were there we met the most insane greeter I've ever seen. He was a really nice guy, and very helpful he was just... overly helpful. We were just wandering around looking at tables killing time and he went out of his way like 4 times to help us. It was pretty funny.

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