Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

AOL is the leading corporate contender for the position of "most likely to challenge Microsoft to a

Today was pretty interesting... Work was blah, busy but blah. Had class after work, and the class is pretty lame. It's really just a big stroke off class. It's really easy, and it's all feel good stuff. There are some interesting people in the class, lots of different nationalities. Having that diverse of students makes it interesting, but the class itself isn't interesting.

At break I was talking to this ex machinist about computers and the Internet a bit. He brought up carnivore and how big brother is watching. They watch every email, every web site, everything! People like that crack me up... Not only is that an insanely daunting task just because of the sheer immensity of the project it's also useless. No one cares! No one would have all the time necessary to wade through the information.

Also talked to Saaaaaander (long a) about Amsterdam. He was saying that Pot is legal over there, and almost no natives smoke it. The only people pushing the trade are tourists! He said there are very few drug related problems either. Really interesting.

After I got home I was reading my home owners insurance policy with Ben... These are some of the things that are covered/not covered.

Covered: Falling Space Craft, and Pillaging
Not Covered: War, Insurrection, or Lava Flow

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