Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

I proclaim... i will have the first webserver running on a cue cat.

Today was sweet. I'm officially a manly man... I moved to hooks from my bathroom closet (not sure why they were in there) into my bedroom so I can hang my coat and bathrobe up finally. Picked up some "wall hangers" at Freddies, knocked that shit right out. Those wall hangers never stood a chance. You might as well start calling me Scott Vila I'm that good.

After that went and say Blade II. Pretty sweet movie if you're looking for a good action movie. Plot in that movie is utterly retarded, but you don't go to a Wesley Snipes movie looking for plot. Action was sweet, and the effects were really good. I watched Blade as a warmup last night, and the effects in that were pretty lame. Blade II is a great flick, go see it.
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