Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

If you take the number of farting and masturbation jokes in this film and divide it by the I.Q. of the director, you actually get a whole number.

So I was playing around with my DVD player and receiver last night trying to figure out why it wasn't playing DTS audio. This is a new DVD player, and I hadn't really played much DTS stuff with it. I get out the manual and realize that DTS output is off by default. A quick setting change makes the DVD player output DTS. Why in the world would you disable this by default? It also defaults to only outputting Dolby Digital 2.0! That's the second DVD player that I had to make that change on, what the hell! DVD is touted as having all these really cool features but they leave them all off. Most people wouldn't even think to look in the manual, they'd just expect it to work. I sure did.

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