Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

he wuz still underage, he krunched numbahs faster than a Power Mac G4

Last night I stayed up way too late (4 am) talking to Jason and gorgonous. We had a little drunken movie night at my place that turned into a gigantic bitch about work session. It was fricking great, we coulda gone on all night. I'm just not used to staying up that late, it's really not my thing anymore. Still we had fun.

Today I cleaned a lot of my house up, and fixed a lot of little things around the house. I'm going to need to start taking a serious look at my yard here pretty damn quick. Still need to figure out something to do with this computer room. I really need another book shelf.

Got this in my email from a buddy... thought it was pretty funny:

Can anyone stop this little floaty thing in my eye? Looks like .. oh it bugs me.. eye doctors all say it's normal but it doesn't feel normal (though it's been there my whole life - and you all have them also, I'm starting to really SEE mine adn the more I see them, the more of them I see and the more they look like little worms just waiting to bore themselves into the back of my soft red retna and into the pliable surface of my onocluar sockets where they'd feed on my bloody red flesh while growing larger and stronger and developing teeth with which to dig and tear their way into my skull where they could begine to disolve back into smaller organizisms again and drift along the currents fo brain fluids, blood and the electrical pulses of my thoughts... here I am sure they're start to learn the patterns in my thoughts and begin to use my brain against me by taking over the pulses of electricity and bending them to the will of "eye floaters" everywhere!!!! The world must be warned!

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