Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Was it because of those hookers, because you can always tell em there is no crime in being lonely

Radke came over for a bit after work to check out State of Emergency. We had a hell of a time running around crowded malls with M16s slaughtering everyone. He helped me situate my washer and dryer so hopefully I can get the doors on now and everything should work just fine. I may need to get a longer cord for the washer but that's no big deal.

I have to work tomorrow at 4am. Some maintenance needs to be done and that is our allotted timeslot for that sort of stuff. It will suck that it's so damn early but I'll be outta there by one. I called Jenn to see what she wanted and it looks like she's gonna be in town tomorrow so she wants to do something. She's gonna call me, so we'll see.
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