Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

is it like having jenna jameson sitting on the other side of a window you cant get through saying "do me now"

Let's see what's new... not a whole lot. angz came over and we watched part 6 (of 6) of Roots. Really good movie/tv show. Watched a lot of it back in school, but never the whole thing. Now I can say I've seen it all, and it's all good.

Oooh ooooh! Went shopping and bought some Rubbermaid bins to store shit in with part of the $20 gift certificate that work gave me. I'm so domestic it sucks. Anyway I'm off to bed here pretty quick, back to the grind tomorrow. We'll see if themabbi wakes me up again tomorrow. May have to raise his rent, or add a "waking me up too damn early" clause to it :)
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