Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Died tragically saving his family from a destroyed sinking battleship

Today was cool... Travis came and picked up my car at work so he could take it in to get the windshield replaced. Wherever he took it didn't cost me a thing (they paid my insurance deductible) and he got $50 out of the deal. So I have a new windshield and I never even had to leave the building because Travis did all the leg work.

After work Eric came over to check out my new place and show me State of Emergency for PS2. When he got here I was fixing my dryer because I finally got the right cord to plug it into the wall. Went back together pretty easy except that I electrocuted my damn self! I must have put two of the wires on backwards (there is no order to how they go on). So I took them off and did them again in a straight line and it worked.

Later scooty got here to check out some video games with us as well. We played State of Emergency for a while, which is pretty damn insane. Probably the worst game, violence wise, even worse than GTA3. Played that for a while and then played some Motor Mayhem which was cool. Had some dinner and now I'm about to go to bed.
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