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Scott Francis Baker

February 19th, 2002

hell, once i even ate a microwave burrito 10 seconds before it was finsihed @ 10:30 pm

Made the long and scary trip into Molalla after work today. Told Travis I'd take a look at his computer since he was having problems with it. Least I could do considering all the work he did over here. They did have lots of problems with their computer, all legitimate problems, nothing serious though. Start menu missing, scanner software not working, file associations messed up. Anyway I got it all working and even talked to him about getting my windshield replaced.

Got home just as my parents were dropping off the queen sized bed I bought the other day. I helped them unload that and setup some things for this weekend. Think we're gonna do dinner on Sunday night for my birthday. Vegetarian special even :) Got my linux box back up and running and unpacked a couple (of the 3 gigantic) boxes of Kitchen stuff that Casandra gave me. "Her extras" she said, but that's fine with me. My kitchen is stocked now :)

Think I'll go setup my new bed now. Have a meeting tomorrow with Krystal at 7am at Clackamas Town Center. Some weird finance thing they're doing, they need a computer guy. I dunno, but I have to be to work by 6:30am. Sucks...
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Date:February 20th, 2002 07:47 pm (UTC)
What was the meeting about?

Scott Francis Baker