Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

I'm such a wildman i sometimes i dont even use fabric softener!

Went to the house today after work to paint some of the trim and get it ready to be painted tomorrow. The bastards turned off the power yesterday and when I called them at 8:30am today it was too late, "the technician that would be doing the work is already out in the field." So I have to wait until tomorrow to paint some more. Justin, Scotty, and I got a little bit done as well as put some masking tape down to make things easier tomorrow. Argh! I'm already tired of this, too stressful. I just want to be moved in!

My parents did buy me a washer and dryer as a house warming present. That's cool, one less thing I'll have to buy. Travis emailed me today as well about doing the wiring for my house. Need to get that cat5 in while the getting is good. :)

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