Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

They should make a juice flavor called Crangie

So today at work I noticed that my tire was really flat. It was in dire need of a trip to Les Schwab, but I didn't think it would even drive. Justin was with me and he mentioned that he had an air pump in his car. Since Les Schwab was only a couple of blocks away (everything in Canby is a couple of blocks away) I figured it would work fine. He got out this little box/pump thing. It's a little air pump that hooks up to your car adapter and pumps up (or deflates) your tires or anything else you want to inflate. Incredibly simple little gadget but also incredibly useful! I'll have to track one down for myself.

Tomorrow after work scooty and I are gonna try and get most of the house prepped so I can paint the main room asap. I need to talk to davidfrey and see if he'd be willing to help. I could even ask wheezer he might come by also. Once it's all masked and prepped the actual painting should take a minimal amount of time. I just need to get it done. And many hands make light work they say. I do need to call PGE and get the power turned back on, they turned it off since Sunday when I was there.

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