Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

next thing you know you'll be getting up at 7am on a saturday to burn leaves in the back yard and wearing unisex jeans with an elastic waist

Around 2pm I drove over to get the keys for my new house and to check out the now empty rooms. Tore off some wallpaper prepped the walls and then went to Freddies with my dad to get paint and some other supplies. Spent $100 or so on paint supplies and we went back to the house to start painting. My dad asked me when the last time I spent $100 on something non-electronic was :)

Got started on the first bedroom when Isaac "Paint Machine" Force dropped by. He grabbed a roller and we started working on the first bedroom. It has this crappy cottage cheese crap on the ceiling that makes painting it a bitch, but we got it done. We got most of the first bedroom painted (except for the second coat), and the celing of the second room done. Isaac is a machine, I just asked him casually to come over, not knowing his painting experience. He even said he'd come back tomorrow.

After we got done the portion that we got done today we went to Web-ster and grabbed Jason for a little dinner. Hit Subway and chilled for a while. Isaac and I had fun pointing and laughing at Jason through the windows while he smoked. We're well on our way to giving him a complex :)
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