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Scott Francis Baker

February 7th, 2002

they did a background check on her to be a nanny and she failed, they probably know about her baby eating @ 10:28 pm

So the other day andrewd found a really cool website that has all these Tolkien works in MP3 format. They're basically converted directly from the audiobooks, or the radio presentations. It was this really cool page with just about anything you could want. So I started to download some stuff and I was only getting 1k per second. Even if I let it run for a long time it was just plain taking too long. So I emailed the site operator and asked her if she could use a mirror to share some of the bandwidth. I get an email back saying sure and to set her up an FTP account. I do and I check her home directory the next day and there is 9 gigs (!!!) of stuff there. Damn near anything Tolkien you could ever want!

So anyway, I coverted all of the Fellowship of the Rings mp3s into audio CD and I've been listening to them in my car. So far I'm on CD 2 of 17! It's cool to listen to because it's such a good story and because it's a lot better than the crap you hear on the radio.
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Date:February 8th, 2002 01:13 am (UTC)
please ensure when you use my name in your journal or in passing conversation you add the words "Bad Assed Mofo" to the end of my name please ;)

Scott Francis Baker