Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

I thought of this script one night right before bedtime. I got so pumped I almost kicked my mom right in the face!

I just got back from seeing angz while she essentially babysits the plumbers. I guess they're putting in a new restaurant above her store and they needed to drill through the floor to run some pipes and stuff. So they are drilling through a couple inches of solid cement. Since they have to be in the store room she has to be there to keep an eye on them. We played Playstation for a while and then wandered around the store.

I guess the had some old rugs that were on clearance... So with her employee discount it works out to 80% off! They had this pretty decent 5' by 8' rug that I told her I'd buy. $80 for a rug that size isn't too bad. I'll have to go back and pick it up tomorrow after work.

On a side note, the MySQL name the dolphin competition is over. The #3 most submitted name: bob

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