Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

It's a bird... It's a plane.... NO!!! It's El Niño!!!

Today at work was pretty good... a million things happened and I got almost a million done. We had a meeting today and they told us that we'll all be moving into a new (and remodeled) building here pretty soon. I didn't look close at the paper but gorgonous pointed out that Justin and I will be the last to move. In fact we'll be the only people in our building for 2 weeks. At least now we'll get some space, and a decent bathroom! WOOHOO!

During our meeting they introduced a outside consultant. I kept thinking of the guy from Office Space that they hire to interview everybody and find out whose expendable. :)

On the way home today I dropped by the library to drop some CDs off. They were a little overdue... 15 CDs, 5 or so days late = $7! Oh well small price to pay for massive amounts of MP3s I have now (3361). Now I'm gonna go to bed and read some more Lord of the Rings.
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