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Holy crap! There are smart people on slashdot.

Bush has used the Sept. 11 attacks to transfer the wealth of our country directly into the pockets of his cronies.

Now he wants to give those same friends a huge tax cut with the idea that the will all run out and build factories to employ us all. Hah!

During the whole anthrax episode, five people died, and an additional ten got sick and recovered. Ten people got sick at a post office when a ream of copier paper was irradiated to kill anthrax.

Now Bush wants to spend an additional $11bn on anthrax.

How much do you suppose is in his budget for AIDS research (or cancer, or the slew of other diseases which kill many more people than anthrax has)? Certainly no $11bn.

Why can't these politicians ever have cronies in worthwhile industries? Because worthwhile industries don't have the money to bribe the politicians blue. Why not? Because worthwhile industries don't get kickbacks and deals from the gov't. Why don't they? Because they don't have buddies in the gov't. Lather, rinse, repeat...

Ultimately, there is no incentive for the companies that actually get funded to do anything except whore for more funding and pretend to spend what they already got while pocketing it.
- Andaru

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