Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

You know dude, im leaving you my A-Team action figures and Signed T photo in my will?

Man the last couple weeks have sucked. I'm way too busy, and I'm actually even a little stressed out I think. All this house paperwork, inspection stuff, loan stuff, work stuff it all adds up pretty quick. I think I need a break. I was contemplating just taking a day off work for the hell of it. Some Wednesday or something and just sitting on my ass all day long and relaxing.

Last night Angie and I were gonna out to have some drinks with some people but davidfrey's car broke down so he couldn't go. Then the other people that were gonna go bailed because Dave wasn't going... It would have been just Angie, myself, and Jason and I didn't really feel like heading out for that. So we went back to Angie's house and chilled.

We were going to play strip-Crash Team Racing but we ended up watching Rush Hour 2 and falling asleep instead. Not sure what I'm going to do today. I think I'll just relax and work on this mortgage stuff I need to get done. Have to sign all kinds of paperwork tomorrow, I should know what I'm doing.

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