Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

It's difficult to exhort employees to Discipline and Self-Control when you know they call you Bowlhead behind your back

Yesterday I was driving to work, 37 miles and hour in a 30 mile an hour zone. I drive past two cops parked on either side of the road radaring people. I drive past, a cop pulls out behind me and turns on his lights. I look down, see teh 37mph swear up a storm and pull over. The cop drove right on past and pulled the guy ahead of me over. I got way lucky. I was gonna be REALLY pissed if I got pulled over for 7 mph over.

Just got back from having dinner with most of my family. Tom is in town because he bought my grandpa's old car and he's driving it back down to vegas. Got to see all my family and have a decent dinner, quite fun. My aunt came and gave me a book I need to work through to get the loan all squared away. I'm signing papers on Monday to finalize everything. I need to get a cashiers check for $7000ish to take. Pretty wild.

Got home and I got a sweet letter from anilnaik with a nice black and white picture that he took of me in San Fran. Anil is a bad ass, on cool kat.
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