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Scott Francis Baker

January 27th, 2002

Andrew: do you think Xena had a heavy flow during her time of the month @ 10:58 pm

Went over to Angie's house tonight to just chill and watch some TV. On the way over there it started to snow really heavy. I've never seen snow like that, it was really weird. I called my parents to see if it was snowing at the bottom of the hill and it wasn't. According to my GPS the top of the hill is about 300 ft higher so that could be why. The snow was coming down pretty heavy, and the flakes were huge. I caught a couple on my hand (after I got to her place) that were easily an inch and a half around. It was wild!
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Date:January 28th, 2002 09:22 pm (UTC)

whats snow

the high has been over 80 here this week :(

Scott Francis Baker