Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

There was a posse full of indians(dots not feathers)

Today was interesting... the most interesting of things I will relay to you here. I bought a phone at Fry's the other day because it was cheap $30ish. Cordless, built in answering machine, whatever. Nothing super special... So I plugged it in down here several months ago (when I bought it) and have been using it since. Apparently somehow the answering machine on it got switched on. Well it was answering before the real answering machine could, but my answering machine had no outgoing message. So I come home and my dad tells me he unplugged it because it was answering the calls... I hit the play button on the phone and it says, "you have... 16... unplayed messages" Dating back several days. Most people hung up because there was no outgoing message but there were a couple of messages on it. It's off now though :)

The other thing was that my mom informed me she's taking some unpronounceable medication of which the primary ingredient is pregnant mare urine. Not information I really needed to know.
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