Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Do you think a chilli beef burrito powered time machine would sell

Today at work was pretty crazy. I didn't sleep so well last night so I wasn't feeling so hot at work today. I think the less sleep I get the more my eyes hurts or the more headache prone I am. First off Justin and I started dealing with all sorts of firewall throughput issues, none of which made sense at all.

Then we had to troubleshoot this ladies DSL that wouldn't not download certain pages. Everything works fine, he DSL line is fast as hell except if she tries to access certain pages it doesn't download the whole thing. We ended up the Eby remote which is the 10 by 20 hole in the ground with all this high tech phone equipment in it. We had zero luck all day though... Anything from a cat5 cable that would work with one laptop but not the other, to no passwords to the DSL box we were trying to use, to me dropping the cars keys off my shoe and underneath the battery unit.

Came home a little late, ate dinner, took a nice hot bath and then an hour long nap. Set my alarm so it would only be an hour, I knew if I slept any longer than that I'd never get any sleep tonight.
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