Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

AMD awarded CPU of the year by The Inquirer

Today was an interesting day at work, gorgonous and I went to this ladies farmhouse way out in the middle of nowhere to fix her DSL connection. She couldn't load ASP pages in Internet Explorer, only Netscape. We went out there and troubleshot the problem for probably 40 minutes and we were both baffled. For whatever reason only about 98% of the HTML would load and then it would hang. Only on very specific pages though. We did 20 meg file transfers and had no problems, it was just those pages. Even over a raw telnet to port 80 connection it would stop sending mid HTML stream. Ordered a swap on her port in the dslam.

angz called and we ended up going out to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. Really good restaurant, good food, healthy, but expensive. Sometime I find it hard to spent 8 bucks on salad and bread. Oh well...

After that we went to Costco just for the fun of it. I had no plans on buying anything, but they had Roots on sale for $40, which was even cheaper than I could get that online. That, a PSX game, and some crackers later we were out of there. Came back, watched one part (of six) of Roots and now I'm here.
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