Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

RIAA president Hillary Rosen and Osama Bin Laden are interchangeable in the eyes of many Net savvy consumers

Got our hundred DSL modems in yesterday. Spent a good chunk of today working with bigj to get them configured. I'd say it took the better part of two hours. That was not fun at all.

Had a "fish" lunch over at the Thriftway Meeting hall today. All of senior staff dressed up in fisherman attire and we watched a video on the Pike Place Fish Market. It was pretty cool... Basically the premise was "make work fun." So now we have an excuse to screw around at work :)

Getting really far on Final Fantasy X too. I'm about 58 hours into it, and I'm right at the end. I'm just doing all the sidequest stuff to finish it up. That game is so hardcore, I love it. Gonna suck to actually be done with it. I may have to buy Dragon Warrior VII just to keep my RPG fix going.

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