Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Freaking Phenomenal...the closest thing to perfection yet.

Gonna go do some furniture shopping, well not actually shopping more browsing. Might check out Wickes and maybe Freddies. I'll know for sure if this is the house after tomorrow. It gets inspected at 2pm so I took part of the day off to go do that. I'm gonna look into some furniture and some other household goodies that I'll probably end up needing. I need to find a good place to get a nice futon. I think I'm gonna get a nice futon instead of a couch. May go see Orange County too. I didn't get great reviews, but it looks decent. Plus Jack Black is god among men.

On a side note it looks like a President in charge has his own livejournal george_w_bush. I find it funny to note that Dubya is 47% goth and 61% raver. :)

On a side note I just dug out my Songs In The Key Of X, made MP3 out of it, and now am "rocking out." This CD rocks!
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