Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Word... Phantoms like a mall fucker

Just got back from Angie's... On the way over I saw some little teeny bopper riding his bike and wearing all black. I drove past him thinking, "stupid kid, riding your bike on a really cold night like this and wearing all black also..." No big deal life goes on. I go to Angie's, play some Playstation, watch some TV, and come home. On the way out I see another (not the same one) kid wearing all black riding a bike crossing lanes of traffic like a madman. What is the world coming to?

Watched a bit of Saturday Night Live tonight which was really pretty lame. The only funny part was the N'Sync/Star Wars bit they did. Apparently N'Sync was supposed to have a really small part in the new movie (well not anymore) so SNL took it to a whole new level. They had a "making of Star Wars Episode 2" and showed a scene where Obi Wan is talking to Mace Windu introducing N'Sync. Then N'Sync does this really cheesy Star Wars song total boy band style. It was quite funny!
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