Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Liv Tyler is the JarJar Binks of Fellowship, and other ponders

I was gonna do a quick post last night before I went to bed (early) but the cable modem stopped routing. Sucked... Anyway I had to get up a 6am today so I could get to work for a meeting. We had this long meeting about what the company did last year and what our goals for next year are. It was pretty good actually... and I got a free light pen and some other goodies out of it.

Screwed around with the new firewall we're testing most of the rest of the day. This firewall project is really getting old. The whole firewall concept is pretty simple, but getting one to do what we want is next to impossible. Basically we just want to see where people are going on the web (no porn, etc). That and testing the VPN clients suck. Everyone does it differently and they're all incredibly complex. This should be simple.

I guess on a more possitive note, my house is coming along pretty well. I got most of the paperwork signed, and I scheduled an inspection for next Monday. Tomorrow I have to write a $1000 check for the earnest money and hand over some of the last paperwork. If this house falls through I'm gonna go clinically insane. I'm really tired of looking.

Now I'm home, my parents aren't home. I'm just gonna relax, I'm pretty beat from being up so damn early.

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