Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Bad ass is not the word for them, they make Darth Maul look like a pokemon

Finished up my mail mailstats script at work today. Got it calculating the top email receivers and senders thanks to whitaker. Screwed around the rest of the day... Got our picture taken today for some departmental thing they had going on. Gene decided that we should all go to 7-11 and get our picture taken in front of the Slurpee machine. Dave said the camera is broken and the picture didn't come out. Sucks. Jason and I got a sweet of us holding 40s and grinning. I'm hoping they'll put that in the company newsletter.

Mike called me around 3:00pm saying that the owners agreed to the offer. So I got the house for $140k which is probably pretty decent. Mike is going to drop some paperwork off (in the mailbox) around 4:30am tomorrow. He's working for Tri-met driving the redeye bus I guess. Apparently they're not going to be able to move out before the closing date so they're going to stay an extra three days (the weekend). So Mike suggested I charge them rent, which is a good idea.

1 Month Mortgage = $1150
3 days = 1/10 of a month
3 days = $115

We decided we'd split it. Which is fair, so I should be moving in around February 10th. That is assuming that this one passes the inspection. Hopefully this house will be better off than the last one. If nothing else the 8 (yes!) meg DSL connection I can get from work for free will keep me entertained.

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