Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

"I would live my life in a constant state of orgasm" -- Whitaker on Visual Perl

Today at work I wrote some scripts to pull some numbers from our mail server. Looks like our mail server does a decent amount of work. Even performs pretty well for an NT box :) Looks like people logged in to check their mail 82,000 times, and 27,000 message were sent out. That's over 850 megs of email, in one day! Tracked down some DSL information about the new DSL equipment we have to order and got some prices.

Got a call from Mike this morning about getting a letter of pre-approval for my mortgage to the other broker. Only to hear back from the lender that she sent the fax for the mortgage, but the other broker hadn't heard anything about an offer. Called Mike to figure out why the offer wasn't presented, but he was unavailable most of the day. He finally called me around 10pm saying he got the offer to the other broker around noon and the sellers wanted a night to sleep on it. Apparently the other broker said something to the effect of, "I'm about 90% sure they'll accept the offer." Which is good I guess, but we'll have to wait and see.

Was sort of tired and my eyes hurt so I laid down and watched The Cell, which is a pretty weird movie. There were some pretty nasty parts in it, but overall it was a good movie. Plus Jennifer Lopez is hot as hell. After that angz wanted me to come over so we could race some CTR. I beat her because I am the CTR master. But she did get the award for "Most Juiced Up."

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