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Scott Francis Baker

January 5th, 2002

A fella, a QUICK fella, might have a weapon under there. I'd have to pin his head to the panel @ 05:49 pm

Didn't do much today... slept in until 10 which was nice. Got up, did some more racing on CTR, had breakfast, and then Kevin arrived. We hung out for a while, did some racing on CTR, ripped some DVDs, and around 12:30 drove into Canby to look at a house. I had called the real estate agent of the house that Russ had brought to my attention (#23) and made an appointment for yesterday (which got rescheduled to today). So we got a chance to walk through it.

It was pretty amazing. Quite a house for the price range. It has a pretty decent sized yard, and it's in a really nice area. Not to mention it's 7 blocks from work, and I could get PHAT dsl there for free :) Three bedrooms and one bathroom, 1100ish square feet. I walked around, talked to the realtor, talked to Kevin, and then drove home pretty much knowing that I wanted to put an offer on the table.

When I got home I called Mike and told him that we should get together ASAP to draw up paperwork. He said he'd call me tomorrow around 2ish and come over so we could draw up paperwork. This house seems pretty nice, I hope everything works out with it. It was a lot nicer than the other house that I looked at the other day (#22). The one I looked at the other day was just too close to the train tracks (150 yards). Which I think would have been pretty damn loud.

House #22 - House #23
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Date:January 6th, 2002 03:11 pm (UTC)

#23 looks nice

Here's hoping you get the one you want!

Scott Francis Baker