Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Nothing's what I thought it was. John's a bastard. Let's make a videotape.

I was supposed to go look at a very promising house today. The youth pastor as Russ' church is selling his house in Canby and it looks really good from the outside. I called the realtor that was selling that house and she was supposed to meet me at 5:15 today and we'd go through it. She called at the last minute and said she wouldn't be able to make it so we rescheduled for tomorrow.

Kevin is supposed to come over tomorrow, he may go look at it with me. After that I think the plan is to catch Vanilla Sky and maybe play some Final Fantasy X. The house I'm looking at tomorrow is listed at $143k, which is more than I wanted to spend. I put some thought into it, and I can offer him less money than that, OR put up more money at the down payment. Either way should keep my payments reasonable. I've saved up considerably more money than I was planning since I've been at home so long.

Oh! I bought Crash Team Racing at Fry's today for $20. That game rocks! It's a lot like old skool Mario Kart, but with some extra options. It's really fun, $20 well spent. Angie came over and we played for a bit, it was fun.

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