Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

All Seven Deadly Sins Committed At Church Bake Sale

Got home from dhonma's New Years party around 11. Started out at his house, but his friend Ari was having bigtime allergy problems with Doug's cats. By that time it was 10:30 and Angie wanted to get home since she had to work the next day. I ended up going with the group over to Ari's house (which was cat free) to hang out. We did some drinking and played the "blank white card game."

Essentially the blank white card game consists of blank notecards that everyone writes different things on. Some give points, some subtract points, some do weird things. Pretty interesting game. It went on for about an hour and a half before I started to fall asleep. I was dog tired after not sleeping the night before and getting up at 7:00. So I ended up crashing on the couch.

No I'm home and gonna to go over to my uncle's to play some poker and watch the football game. I'll be doing much more of the former than the latter. Should be fun. Now I'm really tired though.

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