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So today was interesting... did nothing all day except play Final Fantasy X, which is turning out to be quite cool. Did that until around 4:30 when Angie came over and we went out to dinner with her family. Went to some golf club and had a nice dinner, met part of her family. They all seemed pretty cool.

After that we all went back to her grandmother's apartment, which is really just an apartment in a retirement community. Pretty wild place. It looks really nice, they have a library, a bar, a sitting room, daily events, etc. But it's nothing but old people. It looked like a walker factory exploded in there! I've never seen so many walkers in one place!

Came home to find the Murdock's having a fine meal with my parents. Introduced Angie to Joel who seemed quite enamored with her. Came downstairs and fiddled around with some MP3s until Brian came down to talk to us. He had some scotch in him and was even more loose than normal. He proceeded to tell a story about my brother and his girlfriend (he went to Dan's new house today), and how her parents apparently think he's the anti-christ and that he's no good for their daughter. And if he would like to continue to see her that it will be one hour a week and supervised.

Then Brian told Angie that because of human nature that I was very capable of cheating on her. About that time the Murdocks were leaving so we went upstairs to say goodbye. Upon which time Joel took Angie's hand and kissed it, and told her several times that she was "hot." Wow... now it's time for bed.

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