Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

It's between the rooter and the yam bag

Just got back from a rousing evening with the boys: anilnaik and themabbi. We went cavorting around downtown Portland and drinking alcoholic beverages. I'm sure Anil would say, "Good times." Met down at Powell's and killed some time while Ben perused the "Dragon Books," before heading over to the cellar bar, which was packed, so we went to Ringlers instead.

Had some beer, had some rum and coke, and told stories. Good to see Ben and Anil again, well not that good :) I had fun. Anil bought me a book and shoplifted some postcards at Powell's so he wouldn't owe me beer, which was cool. On the way out, the clerk told us not to drink and drive. Gave Ben one of the movies out of the back of my car and came home. Sucks having to drive home, you can't drink as much. That was the best part of the road trip, when we drank we were staying there for the night.

Ben and I made tenative plans to go down and do some binge drinking down with Anil in Eugene. Should be fun, if I actually convince Ben to go down. Now I'm home, and tired. Need to go upstairs, put sheets on my bed and go to sleep!

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