Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

fat chicks rock, as if you can borrow their stockings at christmas you can get more presents since they're so much bigger

Just got back from seeing Fellowship of the Ring again with dhonma, his girlfriend Linley, and his friend Dan. It's such an excellent movie, I highly enjoyed it. I read lots of reviews of it and I caught a lot more of the little things that I missed the first time. Excellent movie... They took some liberties with the story that I still don't agree with 100%, like: Arwen, the Ending, the water creature, the bar scene, etc. But overall a very good movie.

Today Russ threw a big "holiday" luncheon at his house. All of our building was invited, it was quite nice. Russ is an amazing guy, really nice. He cooks pretty well too! I spent most of the day tracking down DSL equipment because we're running dangerously low and we're going to need to order more. I was the DSL nazi making people that weren't using their equipment track it down for me :)

Now I'm home and I'm gonna play a little Final Fantasy X and then go to bed and read some more of LOTR.

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