Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

The cruel angel's thesis bleeds

Just got back from going to the Oregon Humane Society with my brother and my mom. My mom really wanted to get another cat so we took her to get one. It took considerably longer than I thought that it would to pick a cat and go through the adoption process. I guess they were really busy today, Christmas and all. My mom picked a brown/black/white cat that's pretty cute.

I was gonna go see Vanilla Sky with gorgonous and Jason, but I ended getting stuck at the humane society for too long. Jason called me a "movie tease," since I invited him but then couldn't go. I'm sure he's happier at home with his Christmas present anyway.

Other than that I've just been relaxing and playing Play Station 2. I beat Jak and Daxter the other night, and now I'm playing Final Fantasy X.

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